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Everlasting All-Metal Pencil Thank You!

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Non-Sharpening Metal Pencil

The octagonal shaft is made of aluminum and houses a special alloy core. Knowing that, you might think that all it will do is leave heavy grooves on your paper, but your mind might be blown away when it draws like a real pencil without seeing the tip wear down even after dozens of marks.

10 Miles Worth of Scribbles

The special alloy core contains graphite, the very same graphite used in all pencils, and the friction caused by writing or drawing leaves particles of this graphite and alloy behind. But because it uses metal for the core rather than the usual clay or charcoal, it wears down so slowly that you might think your all-metal pencil will actually outlive you. That means you can write on and on, for about 10 miles worth of scribbles, before you even have to worry about things getting a little too dull.

Great for Use with Watercolor

Because it uses friction to make the particles adhere to the material, it doesn’t smudge or smear the way normal graphite does. That might be a bummer for those who use smudging techniques, but it’s going to be a lifesaver for watercolor artists.

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