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Battery-free Aroma Diffuser Thank You!

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Enjoy Aromatherapy without Electricity

It doesn’t have batteries, nor do you need to plug it in. Instead, it uses the heat from a carefully shielded candle to generate electrical power to move a small, single-blade fan. That fan then gently pushes air forward and helps the scent along to reach farther than it would have with a simplistic candle diffuser.

Does Wonders with No Extraneous Parts

The illusion of a magical mechanism is enhanced by the minimalist design of the diffuser. With no extraneous parts other than the metal frame, the fan blade, and the candle itself, it’s almost unthinkable how the contraption works to gently spread good smells around the room. The dancing flame of the candle also serves as a mesmerizing focal point that could help you relax even further.

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